Show off your expertise with this app that helps you search Twitter for questions.

Social Media

I’m trying out a new tool called InboxQ. It’s an application that scans Twitter for questions people are asking around subject areas you choose. If you have a particular expertise, you can leverage it with app.

After you’ve allowed the app access, all you have to do set up a campaign, as InboxQ likes to call it, is select keywords. If you’re using Chrome, you can add it to your browser and open it periodically to see questions around your campaign. You can choose those you want to answer.

This could be a great way to find new followers who share your passion point. And there’s nothing like starting off with a common interest to start a dialogue and engagement. I’m going to refine mine a bit and play with it over the next few weeks.

If you’re at a loss for words, this could be your answer.

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