“Sh*tty Mom” The Parenting Guide for the Rest of Us.











“Sh*tty Mom.” Yes, this is not a book all about the wonderful ways you can be the new age June Cleaver. This is about being a not so perfect mom. It’s the how-to book for the slightly twisted mom. This book is hilarious.

“Sh*tty Mom” is the title of a parenting guide Laurie Kilmartin, Karen Moline, Alicia Yarbo and Mary Ann Zoellner co-wrote together and they’re all successful producers or journalists.

Let’s start with the title. Haven’t we all felt like a Sh*tty Mom at some point? And unless your kids are very small, haven’t we all had our children, a neighbor, our spouses, our moms or mother-in-laws tell us we are in some subtle if not direct way? Yup. Well this is a book for all of us who didn’t follow the golden path of motherhood righteousness, but made things up along the way and didn’t care what others thought because we just had to survive one way or another.

This book is for any mom who has happily plunked their kids in front of the boob tube for hours because she needed a respite after a crazy day at the office. Or for the mom who willingly allows her child to play endlessly with her iPhone even though “the boy whose mom has the Cake Doodle app on her iPhone might never know he has a penis.” If you’re a Sh*tty Mom you can rationalize their app usage–they might grow up to be a computer programmer or app developer. And raising a child who actually lands a job out of college is a well-done mom job. Right?

It made me remember all the Sh•tty Mom tactics I did to get through the day. And will most likely continue to do. Do I qualify as a Sh*tty Mom? I have the book and now I want the t-shirt that says I’m in the club. In anticipation of my daughter’s departure to college, I changed the words of Beyonce’s “All the Single Ladies” to “All the Single Mamas” and did a happy dance in the living room– which resulted in a river of tears. I qualify right?

Every mom needs a little laughter in her life. Read this book. But hide it from your family especially if your child reads. You don’t want them using this against you.

Seriously, it’s one funny book. I been sent a lot of mom books and usually skim them and then either put them on a shelf or give them away. This one I read cover to cover.

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