So Brands, you want to create a viral video Moms will love?


Hardly a week passes without someone utters “Let’s create a viral video.” Sure easy. If only it were true. Just read TubeMogul’s Online Video Report. “Fewer than 1% of videos ever exceed one million views.” They also report it is now necessary to use paid media to get these views.

And let’s not forget, video doesn’t just live on YouTube. According to Comscore, Facebook was the #6 video site in January 2011 measured by video content views, among such companies like Yahoo! and Hulu. And viewers watched longer on Facebook. Amazing.

And here’s one more thing to remember coming out of the TubeMogul report. Back in 2008, the study said it took two weeks for a video to get half of its 90-day view total. Now it only takes six days and where it used to take 44 days to hit 75% of a video’s total views, today it only takes 20 days.

Is video content important? So much so, YouTube has just created the YouTube Creator Institute, a school for helping brands with how-to lesson in video content creation. Moms, film students, just about anyone are encouraged to learn the secrets to creating your brand and driving it through video content.

So what will it take to create video with a million+ views? Here are a few of thought starters.
1. Videos with large views are usually outrageous, unexpected, crazy, irreverent, edgy. Who would expect a Mom to sing? And how did she memorize all of those lyrics? Anita Renfroe’s Momsense video was actually seen by over 15,000 people.

2. Moms love humor. “Swagger wagon” took parenthood and made it cool in a humorous way. 8,582,633 views 

3. Create video that touches an emotional chord. Video that a Mom can relate to because she has been there herself often works. An example is “Charlie bit my finger.” 290,316,194 views

4. The video is going to need proper tagging and the keywords will help viewers find the video through search.

5. The video will need the right title. Title optimization is key. And you can switch the title after the video has been up.

6. It will need to live on multiple platforms besides YouTube: blogs, forums, Facebook MySpace, etc.

7. Take time with your video thumbnails. Make them interesting.

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