Social Media Moms are formalizing their compensation expectations of brands.


Social Media Moms are making money. In fact, Moms were paid more than ever last year for their blogging and tweeting on behalf of brands. For many Moms their social efforts on behalf of brands are a source of income for their families and they are pulling together to help each other determine how much they should get paid for their efforts. But don’t forget, many Moms will do things for a brand in exchange for a donation to their cause/charity efforts. And many will work with brands because it helps to build their own personal brand.

What Social Media Moms think:

• Paid posts: the most common fee paid per post is between $7 and $50 per post depending on the reach of the Mom and the length of the post or even her expertise in a particular area.

• Ads on her site. Many Moms have voiced a desire for brands to take ads out on their sites – something to think about when reaching out to her for a partnership of any kind.

• Video: many are starting to include administrative fees for including video content.

• Keyword links: If you ask a Social Media Mom to include keyword links, it becomes an ad and Moms consider this something they should get paid for.

• Hashtags: She will include hashtags with tweets, but most do not expect to be paid for hashtags.

• Consulting? She absolutely wants to paid for consulting on a brand. It’s nirvana to be chosen to be on a Brand’s Mom panel.

• Giveaways: She loves giveaways, but often wants payment as well, because it takes time to administer and award the prize. It depends on the size of her social graph and whether the giveaway is helpful to her in building her own personal brand and following.

• Product reviews: These should be unpaid in order to be truly considered objective. Moms consider themselves under no obligation to review a product positively, negatively or at all.

• Facebook likes and twitter followings. Ask a Mom to help drive either of these efforts and again, if you’re tapping into her social network, she’s going to want to be paid.

• Disclosures: “Sponsored conversation” or “engaged by ___” are common descriptors to Mom efforts. Be sure to work out the language with her in advance. She is going to want her marketing efforts on behalf of a brand to be authentic and transparent.

For some Moms this is extra cash, but for others this is business. So on the same token, should Moms be held accountable for performance if they are getting paid? Should there be KPIs attached to your partnership with her? It will be interesting to see how this evolves as Mom marketing evolves in 2011. At the very least, it is important to set clear terms with her right from the start.

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