Social Media Moms are leading the way with digital convergence.




















According to the latest study from Microsoft and Wunderman, Moms are once again leading the way. This time it’s in digital convergence. I’m not surprised as most evenings, you could find me at home sitting in front of the TV with the laptop on my lap and my smartphone and dog by my side. I will have multiple screens open on my laptop bouncing from email, Twitter, Facebook and sites I might be exploring. And apparently I’m not alone–200 Moms who use TV, PC and smartphone in this study have the same behavior.

Moms can be found posting a comment, a blog article, making an online purchase, watching video all while ordering a video on demand. And we use our TV, laptop and smartphones interchangeably to get things done. Again, not a surprising insight as we have long to do lists and is a big reason Moms have embraced technology so rapidly.

Key though according to this white paper is creating marketing messages in keeping with each screen.

• Smartphone: Cutting edge, trendy, smart, sophisticated. Moms expect interactions with content on this screen to be progressive and intuitive.

• Computer: Fun productivity. The computer is not just about productivity – it’s also an entertainment outlet.

• TV: Lazy, lean-back entertainment. Only 38% of Multi-screen Moms describe the TV as engaging, with many identifying it as “lazy” rather than “fun.”

Gaming Console: The fun way to connect. The most “fun” and “engaging” of all devices, it’s also a social outlet.

But the study also conveyed the marketing messages are more valuable to Mom if they are kept consistent across screens and the consistency makes it more useful.

So brands looking to reach today’s Social Media Moms are going to have create multi-platform marketing messages in order to reach her. It’s a digital convergence world for her.

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