Social Media Moms – Why So Social?


Social ButterflyDigital marketing source eMarketer published an article, “Why are moms so social?”.  Citing sources from BabyCenter and leading digital analytics and research company, comScore, the article states that moms over-index on every social platform, especially YouTube and Instagram.  Why?  According to BabyCenter, the top reasons are:

• connecting with other moms and friends and family

• discovering information

• sharing family milestones

• getting advice

So moms are social butterflies?

With all that social activity, it’s no wonder that people perceive that all moms do all day is read Facebook and post pictures of their kids. Sometimes it’s important to look behind the categories of survey results.  Does “connecting” mean chatting?  Is “information” surfing the net?  Watch mom using these tools and then find that it’s not as simple as that.  The woman checking her phone in the grocery store…she’s checking Pinterest to see the ingredients in a recipe.  The mom on YouTube….she’s watching product demos, helping a child with a project, or watching whatever she can’t find the time to watch on TV.  Why is she on Twitter? She’s reading shortened versions of important news, looking for deals, and sharing tweets that result in donations to her favorite cause.

“Don’t waste mom’s time”

In January, the businesswomen at the AdAge and IPG “Women and Tech” breakfast discussed the relationship between women and technology further.   They discussed the pace tools are adopted, and that women want more control over technology relative to the messages that they see and the content that their children can access.  Those insights yield a lot of practical applications for moms.  Just think…wouldn’t it be great to be able “lock” folders on your iPhone or iPad so your child could not access certain apps?  On promoted posts, don’t you want to have the option give feedback when the post is irrelevant?  Isn’t it annoying to sit down and enter rewards codes?  Isn’t there an easier way?  Moms’ world is multifaceted and moving fast.  The smart and inspiring women leaders at the “Women and Tech” breakfast put it simply, saying, “don’t waste mom’s time”.

The bigger picture – the intricacies of mom’s world

Yep, there’s lots of sharing of pictures of kids too.  But by and large, today’s mom is a smart, tech-savvy machine of productivity.  To say mom is social is almost an insult.  She’s a connected, multi-tasking superwoman.

How do you use social media to accomplish being mom?

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