Someone posted my daughter’s phone number on a supposed social network site.


So this afternoon I got a call from my daughter.

“Mom! I just got a call from this man. He says my phone number is up on a site called”

I told her let me go and look. Sure enough there is actually a site called I plugged in her name and it comes up with not only her name but with an approximate location of where she lives and (thank goodness) only an innocuous comment about her being a freak. However I’m very upset that her personal cell phone number is being publicly displayed and a random man is calling her after seeing it.

And who posted it? It, of course, says anonymous.

This site claims to be the first social network using phone numbers. A social network where you post phone numbers and write horrible things about people. It is so WRONG. This is not what social media should be about. Just look at this description about the site. Get daily alerts as they happen? They tell you to feel free to post anything you want about anyone.

My daughter’s father is a lawyer so I call him. Immediately we email them because there is no phone number. He threatens calls to the police, SEC and the FBI. This definitely has to be invasion of privacy.

I meanwhile went to 7 On Your Side and emailed them the situation trying to raise the press around this awful site, which should be taken down immediately.

Today I’ve talking to someone who is an expert in the security field and has worked for institutions like the White House and the United Nations.

And I’m calling and/or going to our phone carrier to see what they say we should do.

If you are the parent of a teen, I’m writing this to let you know about it. This is bullying, slander, whatever at it’s worst.

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