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Now this is something to tweet about, post and socialize. This following story is the kind of story that has made social media what it is today. Today, this will be shared with over 11,000 followers of the Big Fuel blog, my social graphs on LinkedIn and Facebook and all my Twitter followers. Hopefully, it will get retweeted, shared and commented on. This is the kind of story Moms love. Moms like me. And brands need to understand this.

I was so blown away by my recent experience with Oxford. I was with a prior healthcare insurance company and had spent hours and hours trying to find a specialist for my daughter. I don’t know how many doctors I called. Many didn’t return my call or others had too many patients. One went, as far as to schedule an appointment, only to call several days later and tell me she didn’t feel she had the right experience. So I must have gone back to the insurance company a minimum of 3 times to get more names to call. Probably 18 to 20 calls minimum. I was at the point of exasperation. And then I found a doctor. She seemed perfect and it appeared I had finally gotten everything in place.

And then I came home from the office to find my health insurance carrier had changed.

So the next day I got on the phone early. The good news was the doctor was part of the new insurance company’s network. Whew!

But I’m not done. I have to call the insurance company to get certification. Just as I finished process, the customer service rep tells me, “Sorry, your doctor is out-of-network.” Well, who pays for out-of-network in this recession? So they give me another 4-5 doctors to call. Arghhhh!

So I call the doctor back to cancel the appointment and start the search for a doctor again. She tells me she was just in the process of faxing back the forms to put her in the in-network bucket of doctors. So I call the Oxford back to relay this information. This time I get Ray.  Ray tells me it could take months for the doctor to get approved for in network and I will have to start my search for a doctor over to find an in-network one. So I flip. Not really a big flip, but I’m a busy working Mom who has made a bazillion calls. I have work piled up waiting. I’ve had to make one too many calls. I am about to flip. Ray calmly tells me he will make the calls for me. I think he must have taken some kind of voice training that makes you calm. Did I hear right? I can hardly believe my ears. Yes, he will make the calls for me. AND if the in-network doctors don’t return his call, he will make provisions for my daughter to see the out-of-network doctor. Concessions? A compromise? A bending of the rules from an insurance company? Actual customer service?  So I think okay, we’ll see.

Well the next morning, bright and early, I get a call from Ray. None of the doctors have called him so he’s making arrangements FOR ME and he is bending the rules. I’m amazed. I can’t believe this. Ray said he’s calling me this morning to confirm we can see this doctor. I have no doubt that he will be calling me shortly. Ray is my hero. And that truly is something to tweet about, post and socialize. (By the way, the photo isn’t actually Ray, I’ve never seen him. But I’m sure Ray is smiling just like the guy in the photo.)

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