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I recently attended a major conference for educators where every where you turned was a publishing company or technology vendor selling their best product to help teachers and schools engage students in reading, math, science, as well as how to help them prep for testing. Now, there is no doubt that these products when utilized correctly can help our teachers better help our students. But the truth is we often forget when discussing transforming education to include the student’s perspective in what that change should look like or become.

Because who best to understand what a student needs than a student?

That’s certainly what Ponn Sabra and her daughters, JuJu, GiGi, and JoJo, thought. Inspired by their love of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) they created their very own book series: written by kids for kids.

In What is STEM? Emmy and Ott, STEM robots known as STEMBots, use rhyme to help young learners memorize science concepts. During the official launch from March 30-April 3, the book is free in digital format for Kindle readers. After April 3, the book will be $2.99. As parents, while we know the importance of STEM, it can sometimes be difficult to infuse these elements into our daily lives and routine, to make science and math fun (perhaps because we ourselves don’t find it fun). As Ponn Sabra points out in a recent press release, “Parents can see the practicality of how, where, and when to infuse STEM into their kid’s daily lives, which can have a profound ability to spark the interest of their kids in these subjects. It’s unfortunate that these subjects are typically known as ‘difficult, boy-only, analytical, unapproachable’ classes. Our goal is to share our colorful and adorable STEMBot characters to excite parents, and demonstrate to kids that Science, Engineering, Technology and Math CAN be fun and easy.”

We need, as the President said, “STEMologists.” We need boys, and girls, to better connect with these subjects in a way that inspires them to think informatively and creatively to help future problem solving on both a local and global level. A STEMologist, according to the Sabra’s, is “an expert or someone studying how to make STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fun and practical for all”. The Sabra’s emphasize its value for girls, women and minorities, the under-represented groups in STEM fields.

Free Bonus Gifts For Kids 
To further interest kids in these subjects, the Sabra’s offer free bonus gifts with the purchase of the “What is STEM?” book, such as:

• An audio recording of the “What is STEM?” book

• Coloring pages of Emmy and Ott throughout the book

• The opportunity for other kids to participate in weekly contests and challenges to build future STEMologists.

The Sabras hope to hear from other kids and parents who have also found creative ways to teach STEM at home. And truthfully, who better to inspire change in our world then those for whom the change will impact most?

We all can be STEMologists, one inspiring story at a time.

One Response to “STEMologists Unite!”

  1. What an interesting experience to segue into introducing our book, Holly!

    We appreciate your support and hopefully our book will be one way to interest parents AND kids into the high-demand field of STEM.

    Just to clarify, President Obama did not use the word “STEMologist”, he’s calling out to for more STEM educators, advocates, etc; but STEMologist is our website name which we created its own definition. However, it’s really catching on because we’re seeing this word used for our same purposes! So, come one, come all–Let’s Create More STEMologists!

    Ponn Sabra, JuJu Sabra, GiGi Sabra, JoJo Sabra

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