Stop Talking and Just Do It.


ID-100218354I’ve often wanted to sing out loud while walking down the street. And the other night I did just that. Of course, I chose Greenwich Village as the place to do it so it wasn’t that great of a challenge considering it’s a place where just about anything goes. But it was so liberating.

A couple of years ago, I checked the box on flying on a trapeze. It was scary just climbing the rope ladder to get to the platform. And that first swing off the platform will get your heart racing and the adrenalin flowing. You have to lean out hanging out from the platform and jump when the pro, who is going to catch you, says go. It’s terrifying even though you have a harness on and are flying over a net. But it only takes one jump though and those fears are over. It’s thrilling and totally addicting. So that box on the bucket list is checked.

I really hate speaking in front of a room full of people, but I made myself do it over and over till I got to the point I can actually without sweating too much. This is an item on the list I never take off.

Next on my hit list is pole dancing. I just want to try it. And watching the dancer audition tape for a Rihanna video made me want to try it even more. I know I’ll never be able to hang from the ceiling just by squeezing my inner thighs together like the dancer does on the video, but I want to see what it’s like. And at the very least I will get an incredible workout and another box checked.

Next I want to try belly dancing. And since I really hate making anything on my body jiggle. Yes, zumba is a challenge, as my hips just don’t move that way. But I have just the crazy friend to invite to join me. She’s always up for anything.

I’m also seriously considering getting a little plastic surgery so my eyes don’t look so tired. It scares me to death. If it makes me happy, why shouldn’t I? I only have one life so why shouldn’t I live it like I want to?

So do you have things you’ve always wanted to do? Things you tell others but never get around to doing? If you’re like me, you probably have a list. Well, it’s time to stop talking and just do it.  What’s stopping you except for yourself? Start by making a list, resourcing the places you’ll need to hit, enlisting a friend or two and then starting checking off everything on your list.

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