Study shows Moms are happiest socialize, not meal time.


There was an interesting look at research released this week by the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement and the Media Behavior Institute. Entitled consumer-centric cross media context planning, the study used an iPhone app created just for the study to measure media consumption in the form of an iDiary. The study looked at what people were doing, with whom, when-by week, day and time of day. And how those activities made consumers feel at the moment.

They specifically looked at the daily lives of Moms: Millennials (age 18-32), Gen X (age 33-46) and Boomers (47-64) and the things that make her Mom: basic duty, caregiving, making a living, connecting, exploring her own interests and down time.

Do Moms like meal times? Generally speaking across all of the groups, no she doesn’t. And does she focus solely on cooking and meal prep at the time? No. She’s checking the Internet, watching TV, on her mobile phone, sending emails and social networking.

Not surprising her happiest times are at night when moms can socialize.

I do wish for once there would be a study about Moms and it showed other things we do outside of chores, meals and shopping. We lead interesting lives beyond those stereotypical “duties.” I even hate the word duties. And the issue with studies, many marketers will go out and continue to portray us in these situations.

Other findings of the study are:
• GenX moms have the least down time of any moms and the most time spent care-giving.

• Millennials spend 43% more of their day connecting to others than Boomers and 31% less on basic duties.

• When preparing weekday meals, TV is the most prevalent media activity for all moms but radio, mobile and internet use are also strong.

• Boomers prepare meals alone most often and watch TV while doing so most often.

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