Successful Brand Marketing Depends on Moms with Expertise by Brandi Jordan

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By Brandi Jordan

What makes an ideal social media mom? Is it an in-depth knowledge of all things SEO? Maybe it is a following of thousands on Twitter or a blog. While companies attempt to tap into the frenzy of social media activity that so-called Social Media Moms (SMM) can incite, the key for both brands and moms is to find the perfect fit. That is not always easy and depends largely on a SMM’s ability to correctly market herself and her expertise.

When it comes right down to it, the ideal SMM for any brand is going to be one who has experience or expertise in that brand’s field. For example, a company that sells girls’ apparel would benefit more from partnering with a SMM who has girls. It sounds simple enough, but many brands often rush to capitalize on the word-of-mouth advertising that social media provides, without really looking at who they are asking to do it.

For SMMs this means better personal marketing. Capitalize on your pre-mommy skills and bring them into your role as a product reviewer or marketer. If you were a hairstylist at one point in your life, look for opportunities with hair care companies or beauty brands. The wealth of knowledge that you gained in life before you had children gives you a unique skill set that brands can benefit from. Were you a teacher before you decided to stay at home with your children? Make sure companies know that. Do you have a passion and skill for photography? Brands like Kodak and Snapfish should be on your radar.

By the same token, brands interested in pursuing a relationship with a SMM must be on the lookout for one who has the experience they need. It is not enough to throw a product at a hundred random SMMs in the hopes that one will prove to generate a significant amount of traffic and brand interest. Researching potential SMMs and identifying those who are experts in the brand’s field and also have proven track records for social media success, can create a more successful marketing campaign by bringing more qualified buyers to the brand’s table.

Does that mean that a SMM with no experience in a particular field cannot be a successful partner for a brand? Of course it does not, but those SMMs who market their skills and experience both pre- and post-mommyhood, are more likely to understand the needs of a brand in their niche. Not only do they have more experience with similar products, but they also understand the customers who purchase those products better than someone who is not in the field. This alone makes it worthwhile for SMMs to advertise their areas of expertise and for brands to do their research.

Social media marketing is all about connecting with customers and developing a community around a brand. SMMs have tremendous power in their ability to generate excitement and enthusiasm for a product. When the right brand is partnered with the right SMM, the results can be amazing.

Brandi Jordan
Brandi Jordan is the Managing Director of Really Good Stuff’s corporate blog, The Teachers’ Lounge, which was recognized as a part of the company’s success in Internet Retailer’s Hot 100 Web Sites for 2011. While her pre-mommy experience runs the gamut from esthetician to retail sales, her expertise is in education and social media. She homeschools her three children and never tires of learning. She can be found on Twitter at @ReallyGoodStuff.

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