SuperchefKids Twitter party this Tuesday at 9pm EST.

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With Michelle Obama’s highly visible campaign for healthy eating and the rising child obesity issues, there couldn’t be a better time to launch SuperchefKids, a reality-competition from the creators of Iron Chef. The show features celebrity chefs Carla Hall along with Aaron Sanchez, John Besh with real kids competing and learning to master the kitchen. Moms know that if the kids make it they’re much more likely to eat it. And it’s so important to get kids eating healthy and learning how to be self sufficient.

And to celebrate it’s launch we’ll be hosting a Twitter party and talking about kids, healthy eating, cooking and cleaning up after themselves. Now there’s a novel idea.

Tuesday, September 18th, 
9-10pm EST

Hashtag: #superchefkids

To win you must follow:


and my co-hosts:


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MUST TWEET TO ENTER: {A message stating your best parenting practices and include the following hashtag #SuperChefKids}

More about the SuperchefKids show:
Over the course of this reality-competition series, SuperchefKids challenge the next generation of America’s aspiring young chefs — kids ages 8 – 12 — to a multi-webisode cook-off, as they strive to create healthy meals made from fresh ingredients under the direction of two nationally-known, kid-friendly celebrity chefs.

In each approximately 5-minute webisode, two aspiring young chefs go head-to-head in various cooking challenges. The winner of each webisode proceeds to the next round, in a “round-robin” style tournament. Successive rounds of the competition will be rolled out over four one-week intervals in Sept/Oct 2012, in order to maximize views and exposure as the arc of the overall competition unfolds.

Over the course of the competition, young chefs who don’t make the cut will gradually be eliminated, until they reach the dramatic final round at the conclusion of this epic battle, where the world’s first SuperchefKids will be crowned as champion!

This culinary whiz kid will be given the honor of creating new recipes to be “rolled out” nationwide… and a grand prize of $5,000!


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