Teach Your Kid to Seize the Day with Capri Sun


Jack Capri, Capri SunJust what can your child do with a Capri Sun pouch? Other than popping it open while you’re driving or squeezing the pouch and getting juice all over their younger sibling?

If you are particularly craft savvy, you have probably made a purse or tote bag out of Capri Sun bags (after cutting and washing of course). Now you can take it one step further and enter the Capri Sun Seize the Day Sweepstakes for a chance to win $2,500. That amount of money could buy you a lot of Capri Sun, help pay for a summer camp, or even be set aside for college.

There are three separate entry periods–January 22 to February 21, February 22 to March 21, and March 22 to April 22–in which you take a photo of your child (or children) doing one (or any, or all) of the following:

• Double Dog Dare: Sledding on a sled made from Capri Sun pouches? Why not!

• The Sky’s the Limit: There is a world beyond the tech, go explore it!

• Game, On: Athletes in action

• Play Different: Who hasn’t created their own version of “Calvin Ball”?

• We Can Do It!: Volunteering versus being “Voluntold” to do something

• DIY Adventures: Get crafty, get cooking, just don’t get too crazy!

• Photo Bomb: Who doesn’t want to capture a “meme-ingful” moment?

Here’s the great thing. It’s all about being creative, innovative, and connected to your community. Use Capri Sun pouches in your project…or don’t. But do use your noggin to come up with what you think is a great representation of the category. Turn on those little grey cells in your brain and express your creativity.

Bonus? Parents, you can throw in some “serious, educational content” without the kids even knowing it. Sweet!

I had the chance to speak with Carissa Rogers who has been creating like crazy with her family on project ideas:

I was super excited when Capri Sun asked me to write 7 (SEVEN!) articles about all the different ways my kids get out there and Seize The Day. I have 3 kids ages 8-15 and everything from outdoor snow fun to indoor crafts and all sorts of out of the box play time is what we’re all about. We try to find the ‘GoodNCrazy’ in everything we do! And yes, you better believe Capri Suns fill our lunch boxes every day of the school year.

For Carissa, the best part of this sweepstakes is that it recognizes our kids being “GoodNCrazy.” She went on to say “I don’t want to give it all away, but I shared our ziplining fun, sewing with my daughters, my little boy’s obsession with magic, and my GoodNCrazy Article about SNOWSHOEING!”

For my children, it most definitely would involve some sort of wild, make-up-your-own-adventure game, complete with a map painted by my youngest. For my good friend, and fellow blogger, MarySusan Murphy, she really liked the idea of being able to make memories out of moments, and that’s how she would encourage her son to be creative with her.

Remember: It isn’t about being perfect but being perfectly silly. Winning the Capri Sun grand prize would be great, but the best prize of all is spending time with your incredibly talented child and finding out how they would like to seize the day.

If you were to seize the day, what would it look like? 

(MOMentumNation was hired to identify the bloggers and oversee their role used in this Capri Sun program.)

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  1. Thanks for the post! In mashable today was a post about great UGC campaigns (user generated content). This Capri Sun is a great example, since it provides valuable family experiences and interesting engagement with community.

    Suz Murphy

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