Teach Your Kids To Pick Up Your Dog Properly.


One of the first things moms get nagged about is for a family puppy. After a seven-page report by my daughter I succumbed and let her have a dog. But I never thought about either myself or the kids picking him up till my vet sent out their latest email newsletter. There is a right and wrong way to pick up your dog. I thought the tips so were great I felt compelled to share them with all of you.

Picking up your dog the wrong way can lead to you getting bitten.

“According to the CDC, about 4.5 million dog bites occur each year in the U.S., and half of those take place at home, with a familiar dog. Children from 5 to 9 years of age are at highest risk. While there are many causes, understanding humane handling and the signs of stress are key ways dog owners can help prevent family members from becoming another statistic.”

Never pull your dog by their feet.
I’m a bit guilty of this. My dog will be hanging on the bed but not as close to me as I want him to be. I’ve tugged at his leg to get him to move. Thankfully I’ve never actually pulled him by his legs or front paws.

Don’t pick your dog up by the scruff of his neck.
I’ve never done this one. It always freaked me out and apparently that is a good thing. Only mama dog should do that when they are puppies. And vets report adult dogs hate this.

Don’t pick up a dog under their armpits.
It’s really uncomfortable for them.

Pick your dog up and hold them like you would a football.
Put your arm under their chests between their front legs and hold them under your arm like a football if they are small enough. If your dog is larger, put your dominant/stronger arm around their back legs and your other arm around the front legs.  Here’s a great video from DogTrainingNation.com

Make sure your kids know how to approach a dog.

  1. They should always ask for permission first.
  2. They should let the dog get familiar with them before picking any dog up.

I’ve been practicing the right way to pick Pepper up and he does seem so much happier. Good luck!

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