Technorati launches Women Channel.








So Technorati has become the latest company to want to reach women. Recently launched, the Technorati Women Channel covers food, fashion, career and money, style and parenting. They’ve acquired the Silicon Valley Moms Group of about 400 women.

But where’s the technology?

I wanted to see stories about women in technology and the amazing ideas they are bringing to the world. I went expecting to see articles about applications women might love to know more about. I wanted to see tips and tools. I went expecting to see a whole channel dedicated to women being geeks and loving every minute of it.

Instead there were articles on postpartum depression, a death by liposuction and an article about the Fox news folks making fun of Sarah Palin.

There are hundreds of communities and blogs where those stories are readily available. So Technorati, what is the game plan? We love the information currently on your site. We don’t need Technorati to play lip service to us by throwing up a women’s channel and posting the stereotypical stuff the world thinks we want to read.

Technology is pretty genderless. In fact, the reason most marketers want to reach women is because they’ve taken the digital landscape by storm and are using their collective power for change. We adapt and we evolve to meet the rapid changes in technology as well. And we use the same platforms, applications and smart phones as the boys do. They’re just not pink. And if Technorati is going to have a Women’s Channel, shouldn’t it have a Men’s Channel and talk about prostates, locker rooms and football?

In fact, the CEO says the company currently reaches 90 million women. 90 million women came to Technorati because they liked the content. The technology content. Why change?

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