Panda-monium! Telus Day of Giving #GiveWhereWeLive, supporting communities across Canada

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PandaOn Saturday May 25 I was invited along with my daughter and niece to the Toronto Zoo by TELUS.  They were participating in the 8th annual TELUS Day Of Giving on Saturday. I was happy join the wonderful  TELUS team at the Toronto Zoo and learn more about how TELUS employees “Give Where We Live”.

Over 13,000 TELUS team members, retirees, friends and family joined in activities all across Canada on May 25th to help support and give back to their local community.  Activities included sorting food bank donations, helping out at children’s hospitals, and making outdoor paces green again. We put up a special film to frost the glass to the enclosure at the Red Panda exhibit to keep the birds from smashing into the clear glass.

It was a fun experience, especially when  we weren’t getting the film stuck all over us! The TELUS team was wonderful, even the SVP Joe Goodbaum joined in, and we had the little helpers [kids] collecting pine cones for uses elsewhere at the zoo.  The frosting will hopefully help to save a lot of birds and it was a fulfilling morning knowing we gave something back.

volunteering-givewherewelivePic Courtesy of JYetman of  TELUS

This year, TELUS is extending its Give Where We Live philosophy to its customers and business partners by inviting them to join in for TELUS Day of Giving. Additionally, Canadians are invited to show us how they give where we live:

Now until June 15, take a photo, upload, tweet or Instagram it with the hashtag #givewherewelive to and tell us how you give back to your community. At the end of the campaign, you could be one of 10 Canadians who will receive $10,000 to make a donation to your favourite charity and truly make a difference.

So get your cameras, phone etc and tweet or instagram to #GiveWhereWeLive, show us  how you give where you live!

2013 will be a year of panda-monium in Canada

The giant panda will be the star of TELUS’ new mobility and multicultural campaigns, which are timed perfectly with the nationwide excitement building around the arrival of the giant pandas at the Toronto Zoo this spring. ·

The WWF (World Wildlife Fund) is Canada’s largest international conservation organization with the active support of more than 150,000 Canadians. They are creating solutions to the most serious conservation challenges facing our planet, helping people and nature thrive.  Since 2000, TELUS, its team and retirees have contributed more than $200,000 to WWF.  This year Telus has  embarked on some new opportunities to team up with WWF to keep our critters safe for years to come. Find out more about what they are doing in the community here

To further the cause, TELUS helps by purchasing Adoption Kits from the WWF to share with friends. We got one to take home.

As extra  special treat, before we gathered into our groups for our volunteer sessions, we hadt the honour of seeing the Pandas before anyone else did that day! They were amazing, they really looked like giant stuffed bears, but they really were adorable.

Here are some fun fact about Pandas:

  • Giant pandas are one of the few species on Earth that can effectively use a tool to help them feed.

  • Who’s chilly? Not pandas, their coats are comprised of approx.1 million hairs per square inch.

  • Pandas  enjoy a quiet solitary life in cool, wet forests in mountainous regions – elevations between 5,000–10,000 ft.

  • Pandas have great spatial memory, but almost no visual memory

  • Giant pandas are from central China in Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces


They also eat a whole lot! If you get a chance to drop by and see them you should  and remember to #GiveWhereWeLive and enter the contest!

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