The “American Mom” study


So I had the pleasure of having dinner the other night with an eclectic group of folks one of whom was the marketing director of He was thrilled to hear that I had requested a copy of their recent study called “American Mom.” The About study was conducted in early 2011 examining over 2,500 moms. search behavior, as well as advertising preferences.

So do you think you know Moms? This study surprisingly showed that we’re not all out there looking for parenting advice, but are looking for information on food, health, travel, learning and more. Almost evenly split, Moms spend time looking for solutions (23%), surfing for fun (20%), social media (19% and researching /shopping (18%). Sure Moms love coupons and discounts, but want more than that for a satisfying experience.

Like our recent Her-suasion study with SheSpeaks, About also found that the shopping experience is all important with Moms not wanting to be rushed, having the desire to explore all the options, wanting assistance at hand when needed and not wanting to be pushed by employees. Brands need to couple the experience with great prices and efficient experiences to keep Mom happy.

Additional findings:
• 6 out of 10 Moms enjoy cooking at home as a weekend activity
• Moms are gatekeepers of their family health: Over half treat everyday health issues for others.
• Family health begins with a Moms own health. More than 60% of Moms practice good nutrition.
• Education for kids is the second highest priority Moms are saving for (51%).
• In the past year, 1 in 2 Moms purchased local experiences (i.e. fair, museums, zoo) for their kids
• When prioritizing finances, Moms are most likely to save for family vacations (54%) and for their kids education (51%). Vacations rated higher than their retirement and kids’ education.

“The findings confirm that food, health, education and travel advertisers and brands have a unique opportunity to connect with moms, often considered the chief household officers, at a time when they are actively seeking solutions and need them most,” said Mitchell Kreuch, senior vice president of sales,

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