The best social media campaigns for Moms/women are simple.


The best social media efforts always seem to be the simple ones. Especially when it comes to get women/Moms onboard with your campaign.

Take for example this promotion with Bergdorf Goodman and Fendi.

Like the Bergdorf page, design your ultimate Fendi bag, submit and then get all of your friends to vote for your design. The winner with the most votes will receive a custom, handmade bag sometime in the fall. Simple.

But when you actually participate, it’s not so simple.

I liked the page and created a design. But then it said voting wouldn’t start till the next day. Would I remember to go back?

It posted I “liked” the Fendi Frenzy but it didn’t post my design.
If you are on the Leaderboard, then your name appears. If you are just one of the many designers, you are an ID. How do you know what your ID is? I don’t even recall it giving me an ID number.

I finally found my bag or at least I thought it was mine. So I voted for it. I probably just voted for someone else. I tried to go back and find the bag again and couldn’t. Where did it go? How do I tell others to vote for me?

You have to send the link and your ID to friends to get them to vote–one at a time. You can’t pull in your entire social graph on Facebook to get them to vote for you. So I will lose because I don’t have the time.

It may be easier to save my money and go buy one. After all I do have till the fall when the collection becomes available.

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