The bloggers will be flocking to NYC next week!


It’s that time of year again, when women from all over congregate for Blogher12. Approximately 3,500 women will descend on New York City for four days of networking, information gathering, swag collecting and yes, partying.

For the newer bloggers, it will probably be a little overwhelming. I actually hated it the first year. But I went back a second time. It was a totally different experience.

1. Bring a friend with you. Don’t go to Blogher alone your first time. It’s so much more fun with someone.
2. Use the Blogher hashtag leading up to the event and find out who else is going.
3. Have a plan. Know whom you are going to meet up with and which parties you want to attend.
4. Wear comfortable shoes.
5. Bring your phone charger.

I can’t wait till next week and my third Blogher. If you’re going, let me know. We’ll have to have a tweet up.

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