The Cure For “Blonde” Redhead Lashes: Eyelash Extensions.


Changes to your eyelashes are just one of the many things that seems to happen as you age. My once long thick eyelashes are not what they used to be. Years ago I had a young woman who worked for me years ago and I commented on her lovely eyelashes and she confessed they were extensions. I’ve been fascinated ever since.

Should I or shouldn’t I?

It seemed everywhere I went I ran into someone with eyelash extensions. Then I read a blog post about two sisters and their mother who went to The Lash Loft in New York City. They were all redheads!


What is the big deal about being a redhead and getting eyelash extensions?
Redheads have blonde, practically non-existent eyelashes, which are very hard to see. Eyelashes frame your eyes and without eyelashes you look pale and washed out. For years, I’ve put on a little mascara before going to the gym in the morning so I don’t look so alien. Call me vain. I don’t care. It’s not like I put on full makeup for 6am like I’ve seen other women do. Anyway, the blog showing three redheads with similar non-existent eyelashes showed them transformed.

Second, redheads typically have sensitive skin and I fall into that camp. I never know what is going to cause me to get the hives or a rash. I always have a tube of hydrocortisone or allergy pills on hand. These three redhead women had successfully had eye extensions and loved them so I took a deep breath and booked an appointment.

Preparing for your eyelash extensions.
I have to get to my appointment wearing my glasses and not a stitch of makeup. Blech. But this is just another one of those things we suck up. Time to don dark sunglasses!


Here’s what to expect:
I was led by Chika to a closed area with a very comfortable bed and a pillow was put under my knees to support my back. I was covered with a blanket and then I was ready to get started. I believe I dozed off a couple of times.

• You will need to hit the bathroom before you lay down.

• You’re going to have to lie still for what seems like an eternity.

• You will need to come prepared with some idea of what kind of lashes you want. You get to choose the style, the type, the length and the amount of curl. I opted to spend $25 more for the softer type.

• You will have your eyes all blocked off except for the lash line and it takes some getting used to.

• You can’t blink or open your eyes for at least 90 minutes. The tweezers they use to apply the lashes are extremely sharp.

• The application feels really weird. In my mind it felt like Chika was applying a million lashes and I wanted to look natural but better.

• Chika misted my eyes with some spray and she used a small fan to help dry them. I’m not sure if other lash salons do this but it felt nice. I will have to ask what the mist when I go back.

• Then Chika removed all the barriers she’d placed on my lids,

Once done, I sat up and Chika handed me a mirror. I was so nervous since there was no turning back now. I was blown away. I loved them! They looked totally natural, but my old lashes were back. What do you think?


Caring for your eyelashes.
I have been paranoid about screwing things up so I’m being super careful. First, there is no getting the lashes wet for 48 hours. Does this mean you can sweat at the gym? Nope. No sweating. After the 48 hour period you can shower or swim with your new lashes.

No sleeping on your face. I am not a stomach sleeper so I was fine with that, but I must admit my side sleeping has made me wonder if I’m doing damage to the lashes and so far so good.

You will be given brushes to brush your lashes. And you will need to do that.

You can apply a little water-based mascara to the ends if you want.

You will need to be careful not to put oil-based products near your lashes.

Lastly you will have to go back for fill-ins every four to six weeks. I knew that going in but I’m so happy with the results so far it’s totally worth the extra effort. I can’t wait to see how long these last.

I get up in the mornings and my new lashes are such a time-saver. I don’t have to deal with mascara before hitting the gym at 5am. I just throw in my contacts, brush my teeth and go. It’s great.

Best of all, only my daughter has notice, which was exactly the result I was hoping to achieve. I’ll have to update this piece as the weeks go by and let you know how they last. I do know that I’ve lost two lashes in one week but it’s not noticeable yet.

I guess my secret is out now. :)

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