The Dos Of Writing A Guest Blog Post.


Anyone running a blog loves the occasional guest post. It’s one less piece you have to create yourself and typically the guest will help drive additional traffic to your site. But unfortunately so many of the guest posts I have seen lately are poorly written. 

Do check your guest post for spelling and grammar.
It’s surprising how many submissions I’ll get with misspellings. While spellcheck won’t catch everything it will catch a lot. Check your grammar and tenses. Simple things like “their” and “there” or “too” and “two” can get overlooked by spellcheck. You should avoid going back and forth from present tense to past tense. I know I am guilty of this one. And the all time pet peeve of mine is the overuse of the word “that.” Write your piece and then go back and see how many superfluous “that” words you’ve included. Most can be eliminated.

Do read your piece as if you were the audience. 
Make sure to read your piece aloud even if it’s only to yourself. You’ll be surprised how many mistakes you’ll catch by reading aloud. But more importantly read it out loud and imagine you are the audience. Is the content interesting? Are you giving the audience new information.

Do write so the content flows.
It’s much easier for readers to digest content if it flows naturally from one thought to the next. I find many of the guest post submissions are unusable because the thoughts don’t flow and are very staccato. I even surmised that one of them might have been written by a machine, and not written well.

Do make sure your post has helpful information.
General information that is pretty much a “duh” is not the type of content I try to publish. Make sure you are including helpful information. Even curating the top 10 sites for a particular topic is useful at saving the reader a lot of search time. But publishing a piece, for example, on what flowers to put in your garden without including information like how easy they are to grow or how much sun they need is really a waste of space.

Do provide links to resources so the readers can easily find additional information.
I like pieces that include two to three additional reputable sources for information.

A reminder of MOMentumNation’s guest posting guidelines.

  1. The content must fit with the categories listed within the navigation.
  2. The piece must be valuable information and well written. I recently told someone no because their content didn’t make sense and was quite juvenile in style.
  3. Any content must be at minimum 450 words or longer.
  4. Use bullets and crossheads to guide the reader through the piece. I like to avoid articles that are just long text and large paragraphs. Create your content with the reader in mind.
  5. Check your piece for spelling and grammatical errors before submitting.
  6. If you have original photos that you can provide is a plus. Images should be 600 x 375 pixels to accommodate the slider requirements at the top of the home page. I like to include at least three photos when possible.
  7. If you are submitting a piece that is a step-by-step demonstration please tell the story in both words and images.
  8. Include a call-to-action to invite comments.
  9. A short 250-350 word bio and headshot will be gladly accepted to credit your work.
  10. Provide valuable links and resources for any facts you include in your piece.
  11. NOTE: my site uses a nofollow link plugin. I will not accept any requests for dofollow links.

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