The Dr. Pepper 10 new tagline is “not for women.” Sexist?














The new Dr. Pepper 10 campaign reminds me of when I was little and boys had clubhouses or signs on their bedroom doors that said, “No girls allowed.” Of course, it made us want to be inside more than ever.

Dr. Pepper 10’s tagline “Not for women” is a bold statement. It’s a 10 manly calorie drink, and they do say “manly”. Only for men. No women. Is that sexist? Have we gone from real men eat quiche to real men drink diet soda? A RAB mobile study says we have and that men purchase 44.3% of all diet sodas.

Or is it a clever psychological campaign appealing to those of us who when told “no” automatically have to go and prove everyone wrong? Regardless there are several men here at Big Fuel who are thrilled to have this new manly diet drink.

Or is it another marketing campaign designed to stir controversy? Just look at the Facebook wall posts.

And saying it was just for women wasn’t all they did–Dr. Pepper 10 has a walled off section of their Facebook page that is for men only. And there’s an app called the Dr. Pepper Ten Man’Ments. Thou shalt not pucker up–kissy faces are not manly. Thou shalt not OMG–if it’s not exploding, it’s not manly. Thou shalt not post pics of your outfit–it’s not manly. And if you break a Man’Ment your friends can out you on Facebook so be a man and don’t break the rule and post pics of a baby, pet or imaginary friend.

Well I’m off to find one of the bad boy new drinks. I doubt I’ll taste any manly difference or have a sudden craving to drop romantic comedies in favor of blood and guts movies.

What do you think about this campaign? I’d love to hear your opinion.

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  1. I like Dr. Pepper and do most of the grocery shopping in our household, but guess Dr. Pepper doesn’t want me to drink this new drink of theirs. We share everything in the refrigerator so I’m not going to buy just one drink for him and another type for me. I’m sure they wanted the controversy to get the PR and it’s working because I didn’t even know they came out with something new until I read your post.

    Bicultural Mama

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