The Dual Screen


So we use laptops and phones while watching TV and that’s regardless of gender. A Baby Center study back in April revealed ,moms are 2x more likely to use social media while watching TV.  So it was no surprise to see DirecTV report 42% of Americans watch TV while on their laptops, smartphones, or tablets. We talk about what’s on TV shows with friends, as we simultaneously tweet and watch the big box.

Here’s the DirecTV results:

–45% of men and 55% of women tweet while watching TV.

–31% of those aged 50 plus talk “TV” on social media, with 27% of 25-35 year-olds and 12% of those 18 years and under also doing so.

–50% of Twitter users who engage with shows discuss the shows they’re watching in real time.

–77% of social network users tweet to tell friends what they’re watching; 68% tweet to keep shows they like on the air.

But instead of competing for share of our eyeballs, TV, and social media really aren’t working hand-in-hand, in an integrated way. Sure if you watch The Voice, host Christina Milian brings you an idea of what’s happening backstage, but they only show a few tweets and it’s not integrated. The Voice, also has a Kia sweepstakes asking viewers to pin an image to their Pinterest board, and include the hashtag #VoiceYourDreamSweeps to win. But it is a separate promotion and runs on a separate channel.

Even Katie Couric’s new show has bloggers as a permanent feature, as brands try and embrace the human media network.

But couldn’t they work better if they were integrated and played off one another as channels? Can networks get more active participation between TV programming and social media?

TV should be able to harness its armchair advocates who are equipped with social media skills and tools for:

–Real time voting on shows.

–Skype in viewers during the show for questions or responses.

–Tie in sweepstakes and instant wins based on content of the show.

–Create multi-screen experiences so friends can share conversation visually and audibly while watching a show.

–Reward programs for social engagement with show and viewers can earn branded swag from their favorite show.

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