The Face of Advocacy Through the Eyes of Children in Dubai


The right to be listened to










There’s nothing like the sound of a child laughing or their expression of sheer joy at discovering something new. But many children around the world don’t get their shot their first birthday, let alone their fifth birthday. Diseases we know how to prevent like measles, polio, pneumonia, and rotavirus take the lives of far too many children every day.

And vaccines aren’t the only issues affecting children around the world, as the students at the Ajman Academy in Ajman, UAE will attest to. Only seven and eight years old, this class in Dubai has been studying the issues surrounding children and have created wonderful scratchboard artwork and a podcast they want to share with the world.

Listen to the Children’s Rights podcast here.

Their teacher, Heather Barnard, reached out to me through Twitter and told me what she was teaching her children. She asked if I would speak to her class over Skype despite having to get up while it was still dark in New York. Of course, I said “yes!” The children came with questions in hand and eagerly waited their turn to speak.

Nothing is more touching from my perspective that the artwork and words from a child. They seem to have the capacity to distill issues down to simplest form.  I’m so happy to share the stories and creativity from these budding, future advocates.

All of  of  their lovely artwork is on a Pinterest board here.
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