The Frigidaire “Make Time for Snack Time” promotion on Facebook leaves me cold.









So Jennifer Garner is the latest celebrity Mom to partner with a brand on the social media front with the “Make Time For Snack Time” promotion. She and Frigidaire have joined together to support Save the Children from now until the end of July. Centered on snacking and healthier eating for children, this Facebook effort begins with you being asked to stop the clock. Where numbers would have been on an ordinary clock, there are fruits, vegetables, nuts and more. The hands spin and you choose when to hit the button to stop the clock. If you stop the clock, post it to your wall, tweet or email what you landed on you can be entered into a chance to win a $50 gift card for smart snacking AND a Frigidaire French Door Refrigerator.

My first time I landed on “Almonds,” and the second time I landed on “The Pita”. From there you can choose to learn more about Frigidaire or Save The Children. Or I could go right to pita recipes. I chose to learn more about Save The Children. It took me to their home page. So I went back to learning about Frigidaire and that took me out of Facebook to the Frigidaire home page. Finally I chose to see the pita recipes. Once I got there, there was no way to get out of the page and get to more recipes without clicking on the logo and start all over by stopping the clock. It was not a consumer friendly experience from a navigation perspective.

And it seems the only place Save The Children’s relationship comes up with this promotion is in body copy and the very hard to read legal type at the bottom. A $1 will be donated for every registration for the sweepstakes up to $50,000. There is no tracking of the donations. I was surprised there was little said about the success of Save The Children and the need.

The only Mom on the site is Jennifer Garner who is dressed to the nines, heels and all, in an immaculate kitchen. One of things we Moms like is authenticity and Jennifer is often seen in jeans toting her two children and we love her down-to-earthiness and balance between being a star and a Mom. The brand missed an opportunity to portray her as the real Mom she is. And what I found very odd there is not a single child to be seen since the focus in on “smart snacking and healthier lifestyles for children. Nope, there is not a child in sight. No crayon drawings taped to the refrigerator. No snacks on the counter top. It was kind of sterile and not what you think of when it comes to Mom’s kitchen.

And as far as learning more about the Frigidaire French Door refrigerator, unless you take the time to leave Facebook and go to the Frigidaire home page, you learn nothing except about the frig other than it’s beautiful and has French doors. There is an adjective if you read the copy closely…”time-saving”. Time is the one thing Moms crave. But how does it save a Mom time? You’ll never know unless you leave Facebook and visit the Frigidaire website. There seems to be a missed opportunity to integrate the brand’s message particularly in light of the tie-in with recipes.

Moms are busy. Expecting them to navigate 3 different sites to get information around this promotion is asking a lot. If there had been a “don’t like” button, I would have clicked on it, I’m sorry to say.

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