The grocery store isn’t all Planet Mom anymore.



One of my childhood memories is the rare times my father went to the grocery store. He would drive my mother crazy as he madly calculated savings spending at minimum five minutes per product looking at the weight of the product versus the price. On the surface a product might appear cheaper but not if you got less for your money. A grocery trip would be three times longer if Dad tagged along. He got left at home…a lot.


So if you think moms do all the shopping these days, think again. Dads are not afraid of the grocery store and they’re doing their homework. And cutting coupons! Who would have thought?


Just look at these findings from Cone Communications 2012 Trend Tracker on Dad:


  • Create a detailed shopping list – 63% (vs. 65% of moms)
  • Collect coupons or read circulars – 56% (vs. 62% of moms)
  • Plan meals for the week ahead of time – 52% (vs. 46% of moms)
  • Perform background research on grocery products – 24% (vs. 11% of moms)
  • One-in-five (19%) dads say they can finish their shopping in fewer than 30 minutes, the majority (58%) spend up to an hour in the store.
  • Two-in-five (44%) dads seek out online sources – online media (18%), product websites (15%), social networks (11%) – for information.
  • The number one purchase influence is a coupon (37%)
  • Swayed by product benefits (20%)
  • Influenced by brand name (14%)

So who shops in your family?

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