The Huggies® Mominspired Grant Program invites Momtrepeneurs to invent.












Do you have an idea that perhaps your baby inspired? Well, take your idea to Huggies® and you may be granted an award of up to $15,000 to bring your entrepeneurial idea to fruition. It just has to be an idea that fulfills an unmet need and the $15,000 seed money could be yours. But if you’re going to enter, you’d better hurry as they only accept proposals twice a year. And there’s only 37 days left for this time period.

But winning the grant is only the beginning, to make sure Mom has all the entrepreneurial tools she’ll need to get started, they’ve partnered with Winmark Business Solutions to help Moms with everything from writing a business plan, naming your website, financing, prototypes, distribution, creating an office, managing your time and more.

On the Huggies Mominspired Grant Program site, you can also read a few examples from Moms who will inspire you into action. Or if you choose, you can “like” Huggies and enter through the Huggies Facebook page.

Brand integration is very subtle which is one of the tenets of successful social media campaigns. In fact, unless you click on the very light, watermarked logos, there is no mention of Huggies diapers other than the logo. If you click on the first of two watermarks, it takes you the Huggies Baby Network, where Moms can share stories, get pregnancy information, and fun ideas for Mom and baby. The second watermarked Huggies logo, takes you to the Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards program. Huggies was a very brave client to approve the light watermark links to the heavier selling websites. The softer branding is one of the biggest hurdles brands need to take to take the first into the social media landscape.

With the crack down on brands by the FTC, Huggies has created an interesting proposition for Moms in lieu of giving gift cards and products to incent Moms to tweet and blog.

I can’t wait to see what the grantees create.

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