The insane life of this working Mommy blogger and tweeter.


It’s just another typical day for this Mommy blogger and twitteraholic. She got up at 5:23a.m. this morning and booted up her iPad to check email and see what came up overnight: Google, Yahoo, Hootsuite to make sure messages got delivered and Twitter. She loads up some messages on Hootsuite, responds to some emails and texts two friends to see if they’re meeting her at the gym. While she’s doing that she’s making a sandwich for her son to take a school all the while she’s downing a couple of glasses of Diet Coke so she can go to the gym in a half hour. All the while her dog is nipping at her for pieces of lunchmeat. Done with the sandwich then it’s time to make sure he has water and dog. And she can’t forget to take out the butter so it’s not hard. When she comes back from the gym, she has to toast some waffles for her daughter for breakfast. Then it’s off to the bathroom to throw gym clothes on and brush her teeth while the dog looks on curiously from the bathtub. One last thing before heading out the door, she loads up the washing machine to do a load a laundry then head upstairs to wake up her daughter to take a shower. It’s now 6a.m.

7a.m. and after a half hour of cardio, 10 minutes of sit-ups, 10 minutes of stretching then it’s a quick job back home. She throws the waffles into the toaster oven and head upstairs to pick out clothes while they’re cooking. Oh, but wait the bed has to be made. Can’t leave the house without the bed made. Then there’s the mad dash downstairs to flip the waffles over and push the button on the toaster again. While round two is cooking, it’s time for a quick shower. After 5-minute blow dry and two minutes of makeup, she’s ready. Nope. She forgot to throw the laundry in the dryer. And, no, she’s obsessive about how she leaves her house so she has to take the garbage out and make sure all the dishes are done. And then the dog has taken every single toy out of his toy box and scattered them all over the living room so that it looks like something blew up. That won’t do. She yells at her son to turn down the music because it’s too loud and she has an insane lady who lives below. Grab the bag of bottles for the recycle bin and head out the door with her daughter. It’s 7:15a.m.

On the 1 train to school and work but is it just a ride? Nope. She has to quiz her daughter for English or history or whatever the day’s subject. 7:30am she’s off the train and on the way to the office but not before she stops at the $1 store for soda and cookies for the office. The office hates her for it and complains about the tightness of their jeans but they eat them anyway. It’s 7:45a.m.

It’s time to organize for her to do list and to get cranking at the office. It’s her favorite time of the day because no one is there. She gets so much done. And it’s time to write a blog article. Self imposed deadlines loom over her head and she has to get something down on paper. 500 words later it’s ready to be loaded into WordPress and posted. A quick check of Twitter and a few replies, she’s ready for the next to do–the dreaded timesheet and she’s been delinquent. It’s 9:15a.m.

Between 9:15am and 6:30p.m, she assumes the role of “Cocoa Puff, the nickname her boss gave her. Being a social media agency, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds are open during the day and everyone bouncing back and forth to see what’s happening as we come up with ideas for our clients. In between, she’s directing and keeping up with 2 teens out and about with guitar lessons, go sees, auditions, after school activities while trying to get work out the door.

It’s 6:45p.m. And she’s walking through the door to home. It’s time to make the dinner, Once dinner is on the stove or in the oven, she reconnects to the office while she’s making dinner. Half and hour later, satiated, it is time to complete anything she didn’t follow up on during the day. Has to fold the laundry leftover from the morning. Then she gets to watch some TV while cleaning up email and doing some more Tweeting. Then it’s back to helping quiz her daughter again on tomorrow’s quiz. But she’s on her last leg, her contacts are stuck to her eyes and she can’t keep her eyes open.

It’s 10:30p.m. And this Mommy blogger is done.

And if you didn’t guess, the Mommy blogger is me, and this is a real story.

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