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Airex Balance Pad


For a lot of people, fitness means consuming a nutritious and healthy diet, as well as working out in the gym. But one thing many are missing from their routing is balance training. Balance training is rarely considered, but it has a number of advantages for your health. Every sport needs some body-balance and stability and through balance exercises you can decrease muscle cramps. There are a number of fitness tools for balance training and one of the most effective ones is a foam pad like the airex balance pad. A balance pad, can help strengthen your core which will help with your overall fitness.

What exactly is the airex balance pad?

An airex balance pad is thick square-shaped foam piece. Your overall stability is improved from the minute you start standing on this because you instantly engage all your muscles from your legs, buttocks to your core. There are a number of people who do not consider a balance pad a fitness tool but the fact is that it is a small investment and balance becomes even more important as you age.  And the foam pads are lightweight and simple to clean. You can perform balancing with your shoes or barefoot, however, you prefer. It is advised to do the balancing barefoot for more effective results and balancing barefoot will help you preserve the airex balance pad longer.

There are also wobble boards, which can provide great results. These are one of the most effective fitness tools and great to use for the beginners of all ages. Balance boards are designed with a flat surface where you can stand on and keep trying to move your body without losing your balance. Balance trainers always try to improve your body flexibility with some comprehensive training modules. You can use these balance pads and boards for push up, lunges and for abdominal exercises. As you get stronger, you can had hand weights to make the exercises more challenging. Balance exercises can reduce ankle strains by strengthening muscles around your ankles and in your feet increasing your stability.

The Bosu ball is also great for people with back issues who still want to do abdominal exercises. The Bosu will support your back and the mere balancing on it will engage your stomach muscles. And if you flip it over you can do push ups with the Bosu. The imbalance of the ball will cause you to engage your core helping to strengthen your abdominal muscles.


What are the benefits of Airex balance pads, Bosu balls and other balance tools ?

Improves stability: One thing that most people do not realize is that they rely on stability daily for any work. In order to keep your balance, the stabilizing muscles play an important role and in order to keep the muscles fit. Stability is not just important for the athletes, but for daily activities. As you age, your stability and balancing become weaker which can lead to falls. If you suffer from back pain, you need to develop your core strength to support your back and balance boards and foam pad exercises are a great way to do this.

Reduces back pain: Most people do not give importance to the way they get up from the chair. The way you get up actually can affect your back. Balance training on the airex balance pad can help you strengthen leg muscles, hips and stomach/core to make it easier to stand.

Help develop muscle memory in case of a fall: Feet go through a lot of stress due to standing. Balance training can strengthen the muscles of your feet to help you with your day-to-day walking and if you have to stand for long periods. It can also help the blood circulation and by training your body for balance should there be an instance where you find yourself falling, muscle memory will kick in and often help you avoid the fall. This balance pad can improve your body strength and you can also use the airex balance pad to toe movement, which is important for balance.

So if you haven’t trying it, it’s time to give it a whirl. You’ll be surprised how challenging it can be.

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