The land of Mootopia for the California Milk Board not a big hit with Moms.









The California Milk Board, famous for the saying “Got Milk?” just launched a new campaign called Mootopia.

It’s a beautiful milky land where teeth and nails are like pearls obviously from having drunk plenty of milk. A beautifully designed microsite supports the campaign where viewers can listen to dreamy messages about milk and view a couple of commercials from the campaign. From there you are encouraged to get yourself a virtual Mootopia baby on Facebook where they are hoping to tap into the millions of Moms and families. You can share your Mootopian baby’s growth and try to keep it alive for 15 days.

Already comments are showing up on Mom blogs about how they can’t relate to this new message. They naturally buy milk for their kids and already understand the benefits of drinking milk. The one female commercial on the site portrays two women lounging on the ground leisurely sipping milk and their shiny hair causes reflections to get in each other’s eyes and this lands them in what I would call a “girl fight”. Seemed a bit stereotype to me. And oh, wouldn’t any Mom love to have the time to lounge around in a white dress and sip the nectar of vitality? The other spot featured two guys arm wrestling but caught in stalemate so they end up deciding to create a battle of wits but then every knows big brawny guys have no brains–again a stereotype. And neither gave the viewer the ability to share the video if they liked it. Besides it was basically just a commercial, not valuable content that a Mom would be inclined to share with their social graph.

If Moms are the target in any way shape or form, the campaign feels a bit lacking in understanding as I’m not sure very many Moms have the time to grow a virtual baby when they are so busy with the real ones in hand.

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