The latest in a long list of parenting sites: “Parentables.”


You remember the saying from the movie “Jerry McGuire– “You had me at hello.” Well the new parenting site Parentables from TLC did just that. With all of the parenting and mom sites on the web, it’s a challenge for anyone to create a new, differentiated presence but TLC has given theirs a twist. How? With very interesting subjects like:

• “If you have an American Doll, you will turn into an American Woman.”
• “Would you let your child try beekeeping?”
• “Should kindergarteners be toning their buns?”
• “11 places to find free moving boxes.”

Sure Parentables has the typical subjects like recipes, homeschooling, health and family travel. But mixed in, you’ll find some controversial articles about guns in the home, new panties that make your period sexy or it being the parents fault if they can’t control their child’s McDonald’s intake.

And if that wasn’t enough occasionally you will find contributing articles from Michelle Duggar, who 19 Kids and Counting or Kate Gosselin of Kate Plus 8.

The site also pulls in news from other sites like Parenting, Huffington Post, The New York Times’ Economix and Discovery.

I loved how the site provides links so you can read bios of each of the 12 writers or follow them on Twitter. The site is socially enabled to comment, share everything on Facebook or twitter, or see who of your friends like Parentables through Facebook Connect. It’s very hard to find the link to follow Parentables on Twitter. It’s in the footer nav and they should have it called out in the header. It’s becoming a must for every website to have all the content shareable, enable commenting/discussion on all social platforms.

There’s not much content on the Parentable Facebook presence– just wall posts and the Parentable Twitter account appears at this time to just be tweeting links to articles. Hopefully over time, more of a dialogue and community discussion will evolve.

And as far as TLC promoting their shows? It’s discreetly positioned up in the right-hand corner. So discreet you might not even see it.

But check out Parentables. I’d love to know what you think of this new entry into the land of parenting sites.

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