The Macaroni Kid publisher network proves “pigs fly.”



I was invited to speak at the Macaroni Kid annual meeting that was held this weekend in Fort Lauderdale. About 100 moms gathered for their second annual event. 100 wonderful moms all wearing pink t-shirts with a pink pig emblazoned on the back. What’s the story behind the pig? When the concept for Macaroni Kid was first envisioned, Joyce Shulman, one of Macaroni Kid’s founders, was the recipient of much doubt. “You will trust a bunch of moms across the country to represent your brand?” But less than three years later, Joyce, her husband Eric Cohen and their business partner Nicki Hemby have proven the naysayers wrong.

Today Macaroni Kid has a network of more than 400 moms across the U.S. and Canada who publish a local community e-magazine under the Macaroni Kid brand. The national headquarters supplies some of the content each publisher mom publishes, but the moms are responsible for finding and adding the local content. Every national brand is always looking for ways to deliver the message on a local basis and Macaroni Kid has actually showed “pigs can fly.”

“Macaroni Kid has ten core principles that we rely on to guide our decision making and our culture,” Joyce explains.  “Among them are business in personal, collaborate don’t compete and Innovate.  Take Risks.  Make Mistakes.  Fix.  Repeat. We believe that sticking to these core principles, trusting our community and staying true are keys to Macaroni Kid’s success.”

Macaroni Kid is currently in just shy of 400 communities in 44 states plus Canada and Trinidad.  “Our hope is to answer the question ‘mommy, what are we doing today’ in every family-friendly community across the country.”

Macaroni Kid is hyper-local and community focused.  If there’s not one in your community and you are interested in learning more, contact

5 Responses to “The Macaroni Kid publisher network proves “pigs fly.””

  1. Thank you so much for coming out and speaking to us. So much to take away – I am busier than ever strengthening my community presence – growing by leaps and bounds every day. You gave me some great tips and tools to get there faster. Macaroni Kid is, definitely, proof that pigs can fly!

    Shannon Blackwell
  2. I am a publisher mom as they call us. This has truly been an amazing experience and probably the most fun that I have ever had doing a job! Come check us out at! If you have kids – this is the place to find out how to entertain, stimulate and exhaust them!

    Sam Wray
  3. Thanks so much Holly for being at our meeting – you were a wealth of knowledge and inspiration!

    Sam Wray

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