The Marketing to Moms Coalition Back to School 2011 report is out.


So the Marketing to Moms Coalition just came out with their Back To School report for 2011. They surveyed about 1,270 moms with kids under 18 and included Spanish-speaking Hispanic moms. I was amazed to hear that moms were expecting to spend on average $409 (7-12 year olds) on back to school. It seemed very high for an average across the U.S. and considering the economy. But it’s totally understandable if a computer or other electronic purchase is being made. And the $409 is down from last year’s spending.

Key findings were:

Computers are changing the way families monitor their children’s homework and the way their children do the homework. More and more schools are taking things online with games, homework assignments and some are even requiring parents to buy or subscribe to online tools.

• Almost half (47%) of moms want to monitor their child’s grades and attendance online.

• Almost half (45%) consider a computer indispensable for homework. (Ages 7-12) And many feel their children wouldn’t be able to complete homework without a computer.

Moms are buying their kids cleaning supplies. So it seems moms are concerned about the cleanliness of classrooms and the health of their children. A whopping 80% of the moms in this study reported they would be buying non-academic products for their children to take to school like Kleenex, hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes.

• 69% will buy Kleenex
• More than half (54%) will buy hand sanitizers
• Even 10% reported buying toilet paper for their children

Not surprising, moms have no preference to how they shop… either online or offline. The study showed 43% of moms reporting they will split their shopping between online and in stores.

• 54% of moms say they will spend under $100 on clothing
• Moms will spend an average of $65 on school supplies
• Moms anticipate spending $57 on school activity fees
• 20% of moms will spend $100+ on sporting gear
• On average only $45 is expected to be spent on electronics

What will I be spending on back to school? As little as possible. I find every year, the school supply list comes home, I buy everything on the list and half of it comes home at the end of the year. How much will you be spending?

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