The Mom Next Door: How and Why Moms Make Recommendations


The 360PR MomSquad and Mom It Forward, recently conducted a study on the role of ‘the mom next door’ and found moms to interact more in person than online, often connecting while picking up or dropping off at daycare, meeting at a friend’s house, or while working out or shopping. Naturally, the age of the child impacted the results with working moms more apt to talk at the office and younger moms more online.

Here’s some of their key findings:
• 83 percent of moms make in-person recommendations about brands

• 53 percent of moms use social media to make endorsements

• 71 percent make recommendations about brands, products and services on a monthly basis

• 50 percent make daily recommendations about brands

• 59 percent rated in-person recommendations as the most trustworthy

• 14 percent of moms rated social media recommendations as most trustworthy

comScore defines what is “normal” when it comes to targeting a segment such as, moms. Every brand wants to know what are the benchmarks for targeting moms and whether their media plan is working effectively. comScore recently did an analysis of 984 ad campaigns targeting women 25-54 and found on average they reached moms with 31% percent of their impressions.

comScore states, “Since the Moms segment represents 25% of the online audience, 31% of impressions being delivered on-target means that the campaigns are, on average, being delivered with greater accuracy than would be the case in the absence of any targeting. Understanding the audience composition of the remaining group that fell outside of the target is also a critically important part of campaign evaluation. Building on the above example, we might be interested to learn what percent of those impressions were delivered to Dads or Grandparents who are often primary caretakers for children? These groups frequently play a role in household and family purchasing decisions, and therefore also represent value to marketers.” It would have interesting to assess all 984 campaigns for the messaging, relevance, imagery and whether they met the basic best practices for marketing to moms.

How do you make your recommendations? What types of recommendations to you find the most trustworthy? Share with us!

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  1. I’m not surprised by these findings. I know that personally, my mom friends and I are also exchanging information on what’s the best sippy cup, place to take the kids, etc. We trust our friends, so we trust their recommendations.

    Bicultural Mama

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