The New Video Platform, TouchCast, Had Me at “Hello, Built-In Teleprompter.”












I must admit I was spoiled rotten when I worked at Big Fuel. I had access to our studio for creating killer video content. We had an in-house space already set up with two cameras for shooting interviews and pretty much all I had to do was ask and they had a crew who could come with me and shoot events MOMentum was hosting. They would also do the editing, add music and graphics. But those days are gone.

TouchCast is going to put me back in the video business.

TouchCast is love at first site. And I’ve been lucky enough to be able to get my hands on the beta so I’ve been experimenting.

They had me at “hello, built-in teleprompter.”

And salivating when I saw the “vApps” or video apps that I could use to embed my website, twitter stream, photo galleries, Google maps, realtime polls,  right into any video I create. Viewers can then click on the website in the video and it will enlarge the site, and the overall video will become a thumbnail in the right corner. You now have the internet integrated into your video content.

It even has green screen capablilities.

Imagine all the things you can do with TouchCast.

For a quick preview watch here:

You can also create your own branded lower thirds and in effect, turn your personal brand into it’s own mini broadcast station.

TouchCast said, “It dawned on us that the future of the web could look and feel as fluid as sci-fi TV, rather than same old “magazine metaphor” websites of today. The web is about to graduate from massive stagnant magazine to vibrant, engaging, conversational, and more video-like medium: the video web.” 

TouchCast will take a little practice. And you need to think about where you want to place your vApps and graphics before you record your video. But once, the more time you spend some time with it, the easier it gets–not that it’s all that hard, it’s just new.

App for iPad is here:


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