The Odd Life of Timothy Green…for parents or for kids?


No, the tea was not green for the screening I recently attended of the latest Disney and Jennifer Garner movie “The Odd Life of Timothy Green.” And I don’t usually do product reviews, but Lipton Tea was on hand at this latest Mamarazzi event from TheMOMS and my daughter and I have fallen in love with the pomegranate flavor. We’re on our second pitcher and it’s only been two days. The best part is it’s sweetened with honey, not sugar.

As for the movie, it’s adorable. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house so make sure your bring tissues if you see it. . Of course, most moms cry at the drop of a hat over emotional and heart-warming stories. Jennifer plays a mom who can’t have children. So many women will relate to this. So one night she and her husband, in an attempt to assuage their grief, make notes on attributes their child would have had and bury them in a box in the garden. Naturally, there’s a thunderstorm and Timothy arrives on the scene fresh from among the vegetables. He’s a perfectly normal child it seems except for the leaves he has growing on his legs. The movie centers around the parents and the mistakes they made raising Timothy for the short time they have him. Yes, like most Disney movies there is a bit of a tragedy, but not before Timothy saves the town. The movie does end on an up note with the arrival of an adopted girl in the last scene. I don’t really think the movie is for very young children. Just my personal opinion. The movie is filled with messages I think will go over most kid’s heads. But if you’re in for a sweet movie, The Odd Life of Timothy Green is just that.

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