The Patriotic Kindness of a Stranger

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Cole Honor GuardMy son is so proud to be an officer in training (ROTC) and to wear his army uniform. He’s been part of the honor guard and had opportunities on several occasions to proudly represent his country.

But never is he more proud then when strangers come up and thank him for his service–service that hasn’t even begun yet–he’s still in training. And that was never more evident than in the email he sent me over the weekend.

“We headed out to the field yesterday for our Army field training exercise, which was a long day of missions after missions. Overall really great day and I received an E for the ambush mission I led (highest grade you can get).

We finished up the training and six other friends and I decided we’d celebrate by getting burgers and shakes at a restaurant over by Fenway (just off training so we were still in uniform). We were starving so we basically ordered a feast.

We finished the meal and the waiter approached me with what looked to be the check. He tells me “all of our dinner has been paid for by the gentleman over there.”

Obviously we thanked the man for his generosity and patriotism, shook his hand, and talked for a little.”

Ah, the kindness of strangers in the recognition of the huge sacrifice our military soldiers make. It’s a wonderful thing.

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