The power of Moms and politics and social media.


Are the only politics a Mom gets involved in the politics of the playground or the politics around breastfeeding? No. From the Walmart Moms who are reputed to represent 15% of the swing vote to blogs and forums and Sarah Palin and her “grizzly moms”, Moms are using social media as a platform for change on everything from education to health issues. And something as simple as a hashtag campaign can make a difference.

Canadian Moms use Twitter to #MomtheVote

Canadian writer, Karen Green of The Kids are Alright noticed that was lots of conversation online, but no one was talking about the federal election. So Karen and a group of women started talking on Twitter using the hashtag #MomtheVote about family issues and more. Issues women and Moms care a lot about. And hundreds of tweets have followed including the Dads getting on the bandwagon with #DadtheVote.

Joanne Bamberger, the PunditMom, is a political and media strategist/analyst and author with a book coming out soon— Mothers of Intention: How Women & Social Media are Revolutionizing Politics in America (Bright Sky Press, 2011).

MOMocrats look to raise the “next generation of Blue”. It was founded by PunditMom and is a group of Moms political writers.

Mom Rising is a blog for women and Moms to talk politics and parenting. They have a engaging video which allows you to create a personalized video featuring Moms as the Mother of the Year. But don’t be fooled by it’s fun nature, this is a serious group of women.

Let’s Move:
And we can’t leave Michelle Obama off the list who is using her role in politics as First Lady in the fight against childhood and for a generation of healthier kids at

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