The Real Food Project from Hellmann’s Misses Real Social Media Opportunities


So Hellmann’s has launched The Real Food Project. My first thought was okay this should be interesting and probably something I should learn more about. It sounded like The Project focused on getting real food into the hands of hungry Americans. So I went to the site to check it out.

When you arrive you’ll find Bobby Flay, a celebrity chef from the Food Nework. Bobby will show you how to make some “real food” using recipes that obviously use Hellmann’s. The recipes are simple and fast so Moms can serve their families the real food they are missing. But that’s about where it ends. There’s an opportunity to join the community and the conversation with the 21,607 Facebook fans Hellmann’s has accumulated. You can also follow Hellmann’s on Twitter. There’s a coupon for downloading and a game where you can play The Wheel of Real and win a gas grill or a $500 grocery gift card. So I registered to spin the wheel. Not a simple process merely asking for my email and then allowing me play. I had to give personal information and my past Hellmann’s usage. So I did. Then I was allowed to spin the wheel 3 times. I lost…three times in a row. If I wanted to try again I would have to come back tomorrow. I’m not sure I will though. What are the odds? There are only 2 prizes it seems.
So I have to say there are few missed social media opportunities.

1. Content is everything. And the content is a bit light. I’m hoping it will grow. Also would have been nice to allow the audience to rate the recipes for taste and/or simplicity. Recipes are everywhere, but what is the Hellmann’s twist. I would have liked nutritional information attached to the recipes to add a dimension to the real food aspect. Themed meals? Picnics. Family game night. Kid-friendly meals? What about incorporating recipes from a lifestyle perspective? It needed a bit more social oomph to make the content more Mom-shareable.

2. They also asked a lot of the viewers by making them take the long registration
to play a game with 2 prizes. Many smaller prizes, which would give the audience hope of winning, would have increased it chances of being shared. It would have been nice to spin and win the downloadable coupon as a consolation to not winning the big prizes. And Hellmann’s missed an opportunity to integrate the game into Facebook where engagement could have grown exponentially through notifications of game play, sharing and winning of coupons. Instead I left the site feeling like a loser.

3. And I really missed not finding an altruistic aspect to The Real Food Project. The word Project conjures up a united effort to incent change. That would have an impact with Moms. Studies show Moms are more apt to purchase products with charitable perspectives.

4. And last, Hellmann’s checked the social media boxes by having this program, a Facebook fan page, Twitter and it appears a blogger outreach offering a chance for a blogger to win a prize package for posting. But the efforts were not integrated.

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