The Social Media Checklist for brands marketing to Moms












Mother’s Day 2010 is fast approaching. What does your brand, agency, or family have planned? It is never too late to consider the basics when planning social media for the most valuable customer group. To market to Mom, you must first think like a Mom. Here is a checklist to consider, forward to your team, and keep handy for the back-to-school season and Mother’s Day 2011.

What is she thinking about at 6am?
Chances are…not your brand. Moms are dealing with a myriad of things during any given day; managing a home, children, jobs and more. A Mom of a small child will be thinking about something different than the Mom of a teen. The common thread is this: your message must be meaningful to the Mom audience you want to communicate to. Find her passion.

What is missing in her life that will make it better?

It’s important to fit into her life. Does she need more recipes? Are you proposing a more useful, interesting twist on recipes? Does she need to de-stress? Does she need a bit of fun? All important questions to get you thinking in the right direction.

Will she use it?
Developing a mobile or Facebook app? She may use it, but consider how often. Is it something she might use long-term, or will it just be a short run? For example, a contest is a short-term engagement. An app like Sit or Squat for locating restrooms, has possibilities for long-term engagement as it meets a common, every day necessity. It all depends on the goal.

Does it fit her lifestyle?
Are you asking her to do too much? Studies show over and over again, simplicity works best. You can always identify additional features and upgrades over time. In the mind of Moms, Facebook is simple, Hoot Suite is simple, the Kraft recipe widget is simple. The key to use is simplicity.

Can she customize, personalize and make it her own?
Allow for customization or personalization so she can truly engage with the content. Then make it easy for her to forward the content to Facebook, Twitter, even (still) via e-mail.

Are you allowing her to post and give her opinion?
She likes to give her view and add to the story. Listening and responding to her advice and issues are critical to the success of a social media campaign. Remember to keep it simple.

Will she like the way it looks?
Design plays an important role. Not singularly, but Moms do respond to aesthetics. Don’t just go out making everything pink. Big mistake. It means white space. It means content is well organized, not cluttered. It means interesting copy and rich visuals.

Does the content benefit anyone beside herself?
Moms often make decisions based on the good of the family, or making the world a better place.

Is the content worthy of her socialization?
Is it of value? Is it funny? Is it poignant? Give her a reason to share your content with her social graph.

And a Happy Mother’s Day to all my fellow Moms out there!

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