The survey says, “1 in 4 mom’s–to-be are binge drinking.”


Last night I had a business meeting at a restaurant on the Upper West Side. I sat at the bar as we were only meeting for a drink. Wouldn’t you know it but I also ran into an ex TV producer friend who joined our conversation. It was a friendly sort of place and so not surprisingly another woman ended up having a conversation with the TV producer friend. The woman didn’t stay long–probably only 10 minutes and left. My friend then turned and said, “She’s a mom with three kids, she was stopping on her way home– delaying her arrival a few minutes by fortifying herself with a quick drink.” I felt so bad for her.

While the woman at the bar was not pregnant, at least to our knowledge, it did bring to mind an article I had read earlier on The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System surveyed over 340,000 self-reported surveys recently found that 1 in 13 women drink while pregnant, but most alarming was one in four binge drink while pregnant. How crazy is that?

Are women cracking under the pressures of upcoming motherhood? Or are they just trying to squeeze in the their last hurrahs before the bundle of joy arrives?

Did you drink when you were pregnant?

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  1. Wow, that seems like a high number. I don’t know anyone who binged drank when they were pregnant. Perhaps those who do are uneducated about the risks. Yikes!

    Bicultural Mama

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