The survey says: Brands should connect with Social Media Moms and their blogs







Let’s talk about Moms and their blogs. First don’t call them Mommy bloggers. A number of the Moms I’ve spoken to find it offensive. So I’ve taken to calling them Social Media Moms. But rest assured, they are a powerful resource of information for all digitally connected Moms. Here are the results of a few different surveys.

eMarketer Study:
A recent study by eMarketer tracked Moms who blog from 2008 to 2014 and their use of blogs. About 12.1% of all online moms in the U.S., or 3.9 million women with children under 18 write blogs. But about 33 million Moms go online for peer information.

“Although blogs about parenting issues are the most common topic marketers think of when they hear the words ‘mom’ and ‘blog,’ in fact, the topics moms cover in blogs go far beyond that,” said eMarketer senior analyst Debra Williamson.

Unicast Study:
Unicast surveyed 1,700 Power Moms about their back to school activities.
• 33% regularly read six or more mommy blogs
• 62% spend at least 3 hours a week reading blogs
• 91% of the blogger respondents sell ad space
• 31% of moms think online ads are “annoying but inevitable
• 27% don’t care one way or another
• 35% think they’re sometimes helpful

On average Moms spend more than 10 hours a week working on their blogs (47%). Most Moms don’t make a living from blogging, but about 40% report earning $100-$500 a month from advertising.

*1,773 were Power Moms – women age 25-54 with at least one child.

BlogHer/iVillage Study:
BlogHer and iVillage along with co-sponsors Ketchum and Nielsen on the 2010 Social Media Matters Study showed women are more likely to turn to blogs (59%) than their social networks (20%)

• Blogs trail only search engines as the preferred media source for product-purchasing information for BlogHer users.
• Among BlogHer users, 96% read blogs weekly or more often.
• BlogHer users are more active than average women across the board on blogs, Facebook, and Twitter.
• As for iVillage users, message boards and forums were second only to conversations with friends and family as the preferred source of product-purchasing information.
• 73% of respondents from the iVillage community said they share topics on message boards and forums that they would not share on social networks. Of those, relationships (61%), health (45%), and work-related issues (39%) were the top topics they would not share on social networks.
•33.6% of iVillage community members post on message boards or forums every day.

Why Moms like to read blogs
1. Mom blogs are written with emotion and personality
2. The articles come from real people, not a company perspective
3. Moms give the content first-hand knowledge.
4. Reading other Mom content makes them feel connected

Here are some of my favorite Moms.

Sugar Jones
Herding Squirrels
GirlsGoneChild www.girlsgonechild
Baby on Bored
BlondeMom Blog

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