There is Change in the Mom Blogosphere


lifeinpleasantville 2Social media and technology have dynamically changed so many things for women. It’s given us a platform for connecting, sharing and supporting each other. I started about five years using social channels almost religiously…seriously. And I’ve met some incredible women along the way. But somehow today feels so different than it did in those early days. I’ve been asking fellow bloggers the past couple of weeks or so how they felt and was getting the same sense from everyone. So I reached to some of the very first women I had met online to see if they felt the same: Erica Diamond, entrepreneur and author of Women on the Fence, Candace Derickx of Life in Pleasantville and Tracie Wagman of

Was it just me or have things changed?

Change #1
There doesn’t seem to be as much conversation as there used to be on Twitter. Am I crazy? Personally I miss the old days and the camaraderie, friendship and conversation I used to find there. “Twitter used to be a place of conversation and connection and these days it seems less so. Maybe we all got busier or Twitter became too busy with people talking, but no one listening. I miss the days of real conversation which was often followed up by real life meetings,” quipped Tracie Wagman.

Change #2
The market is becoming saturated. We have a wonderful platform if we use if for good–a platform we otherwise wouldn’t have. Erica Diamond said, “I feel we’re more social and connected than ever, with new social media sites and platforms popping up almost daily. I still love social media and don’t see myself dropping it any time soon. But I feel the market is becoming saturated and overcrowded. We have a wonderful platform if we use if for good- a platform we otherwise wouldn’t have. I try and use my voice for positive, instead of just using it as a platform to bitch and complain… I have my friends for that!”

Change #3
The #FF used to be kind of a big deal on Twitter and all day long you would see tweets in the stream. Not so much anymore. The stream on Fridays was filled with #FF. It was a brilliant way to meet new people.

Change #4
Conferences aren’t what they used to be. Blogher didn’t seem to have the attendance it used to. And several conferences have folded and are no longer exist.

Is it a sign of boredom? Or of a maturing audience who just has less time? Is there less to talk about today? Marketing to moms isn’t the same new thing it was five years ago. The Internet is filled with marketing studies, advice, how to’s and more about moms and women? Consensus is that moms/women, who in many cases are businesswomen; just so busy they don’t have the time they did in the beginning.

Change #5
There is less and less time so women will be focusing on some channels, not all channels. Someone told me “You have to get on SnapChat. Brands are starting to use it.” The thought of adding another channel is impossible. As it is, I work weekends, write on subways and the stationary bike at the gym in order to keep up. Candace Derickx agreed, “When I first started in social media, I had two platforms to manage, Facebook and Twitter. Now, I have Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc, etc. The expectation from the PR companies that hire me is that I have a strong presence in all of them. This means that I have very little time for genuine interaction on any of them. I am personally just stretched way too thin across all platforms to spend much time talking anymore. I do find it sad because I made some really good friends in the beginning because I had the time to invest in building the friendship. I’m sure I’m missing out on some great new connections but who has the time? Too bad we couldn’t just all agree on one platform to stay connected on.”

What does this change mean for Brands and marketers?
It means if a new social channel or tool crops up, she is probably switching it out another to accommodate the new tool. Or ignoring it and staying focused on what she has already launched. Expect busy moms to narrow down the number of channels to bring better results for themselves versus trying to be all things to all people. And she’ll be looking to engage with brands where there is a quid pro quo. What’s in it for her, versus just serving the brand and delivering their messaging.

5 Responses to “There is Change in the Mom Blogosphere”

  1. I am adopting the attitude of find the platforms you love and use and rock them. Real engagement and interaction will have more value in the future than numbers I think.

    Julia Gabriel
  2. I agree with what you’ve said. There are so many “hot, new” social media platforms and it’s hard to keep up. I just don’t have the bandwidth to be super active in all the platforms without ignoring some others.

    Bicultural Mama
  3. I absolutely agree with everything you said. With so much to focus on what does one focus on? For me, I’ve decided to take my focus off the social media with the exception of Twitter/Facebook (personal) and put my focus on writing good content and I’m hoping the pendulum will eventually swing back to stories. :)


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