Things I’ve Learned From Men: THE POWER THRONE












So do you know about the “Power Throne”? If you don’t, you should. A “Power Throne” is the boss’s seat of power. It is how they position their desk and their chair. The men I’ve worked with/for always strategically placed themselves in their offices for maximum effect. They wanted you to know from the minute you walked into the room, they were in charge. Have you ever noticed their chair is higher than the other chairs in the room? And pay attention to their body language. In many cases, how they sit will be sending you the “I’m in charge” message.

So ladies, it’s time to either get yourself a “power throne” or now that you are aware of it, use the “power throne” to your advantage. Depending on the topic at hand, choosing the place for the discussion can make all the difference in the outcome.

Your place versus his.

Over the years, I’ve forced meetings to take place in my office. It throws many men off when they are not in their own domain. I know I can entirely change the course of a particular conversation by choosing where it takes place. General conversations are fine in his kingdom, but I’ve found if the subject is about me and something I want, it is better to be in my own office. It sets the stage that what you’re about to discuss is about you. Try it as an experiment. Ask them to join you in your office, and you will probably see them stiffen a bit. They’re used to us coming to them.

Neutral ground.

You can always choose neutral ground by meeting in a conference room, even if it is just the two of you.

Take the conversation offsite.

This is also a great way to take a conversation in a different direction. Go grab a coffee or suggest lunch to discuss the matter at hand. It immediately makes it a more relaxing conversation just by changing the venue. I’ve used the “offsite” place when I wanted to talk about something I was not happy about.

So next time you need to speak to a male boss, make a conscious effort to think about what the topic is and where is the best place to have the dialogue. It may just change the outcome of the meeting.

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