This Huggies test for Dads isn’t much of a test.


Dads are typically not the focus of most brand campaigns. But Huggies is putting dear old dad front and center with his diapering skills. Moms can nominate dad and once a week a winning dad will be announced on Huggies Facebook page. The winning dad will receive a fully loaded Huggies branded diaper bag to put the diapers and wipes to the test. At the very least, every mom who enters can download a certificate for him, which memorializes his nomimation. Not sure very moms will take the time.

But there wasn’t any test. No speed drill, no one-handed wipe and wrap, nothing but a place to enter dad’s name to win. I guess I was a little disappointed as the headline promised some entertainment or maybe some mad dad skills that would leave us all wondering where he learned his skills. I would have loved to see some video pitting one dad versus another with wiggly babies in a race to diaper. Or any kind of content at all–moms love content, video, tips, information…anything they can get their hands particularly when it comes to baby. The page was very content light. So in essence, there was not much there worth sharing with fellow moms or dads for that matter unless of course, you are one of the lucky weekly winners.

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