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Bored with your current workout? It’s time to get fit with the VIPR. I love the VIPR. I wouldn’t recommend using the VIPR without some professional training or watching many of the videos, which you can find on YouTube. But if you want to bring some creativity to your workout, you’re going to want to try the VIPR.

VIPR is an acronym for Vitality, Performance and Re-conditioning.

So what does that mean? Vitality is having fun. Feeling your workout and loving everyminute of it, which means you work out longer and harder.

Performance with the VIPR is the fluidity of the exercises. Traditional weightlifting is up and down movements. The VIPR allows you to move side-to-side, flip and turn the VIPR and get creative.

Re-conditioning is the beauty of the VIPR–you can build a routine that fits your level. I usually have some kind of injury, and the lighter VIPR lets keep working out while I let sore knees recover. The VIPR comes in different weights so you’ll need to find the one that fits your condition. I would recommend working at a lighter weight till the movements feel natural. So if you’re feeling beast strong, just up the weight.

The VIPR is the best of both worlds as it combines weight lifting with movement. Put on your headphones with your favorite musicians and the VIPR can be used to match the rhythm of the song. The exercises you can do are seemingly endless. So many of the exercises work multiple areas simultaneously. You can pack in more in less time. And one of the most important things everyone needs to do is build core strength–because you are working with weights and moving, you have no choice but to engage your core.

The VIPR is not just for lifting and movement. You can use it to stretch and to warm up. It’s quite the versatile piece of equipment!

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