Tis the season of social giving.


Is this the year of social giving?

According to the Network for Good, social giving in Q1 2011 increased year over year by 48% – and that was before the holidays.

Blackbaud, a nonprofit software company, released a study with the following findings:
• 50% of donations happened because a friend asked them
• Those who used social media tools increased donations by 40%
• Use of online fundraising tools raises 6x more money than those who don’t
• Only half of fundraisers used social media networks or tools
• Average donation size for the mobile web was $56
• Average donation size for Facebook/Twitter was $40

So what are some brands doing this year?

JCPenney worked with the Salvation Army Angel Giving Tree Online to give $500,000 in donations towards angel adoptions.

Walmart went local with $1.5 million in grant money for their Facebook fans to win by submitting their local community for a holiday grant.

• Do you enjoy giving gifts? Kohl’s has a user-generated contest asking fans to send in stories about why they love giving. Winners will have donations given in their names to companies like Feeding America and Toys for Tots and will win Kohl’s gift cards for themselves.

Hanes is giving socks again. 250,000 pairs of socks and all fans need to do is go to their Facebook page and hit the donate button.

One Response to “Tis the season of social giving.”

  1. It’s always interesting to see the way the social media is driving change in charitable giving. I wonder if this corresponds with a change in hands-on volunteering. Are people doing great with clicking “Like” or voting in contests but less involved with the actual work that volunteers can do for organizations?


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