Top 5 Ways to Fit Healthy Meals Into Your Busy Day



After a long day in the office, stressful calls, endless meetings, or just having a busy day the last thing you want to do is sit down to a boring salad. Often times you may not even have time to get something healthy to eat and end up swinging through the nearest drive-through. Whether you’re getting ready for a fitness show or simply just want to eat healthier, there are ways to do so even with a busy schedule. Here are the top 5 ways to fit healthy meals into your already busy day, so you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle.


#1 Meal Prep

We often think of meal prep as spending all of the weekend boiling boring chicken, rice, and veggies. This may work for some individuals, but if you prefer more flavor in your food you can do it! Meal prep doesn’t have to mean boring flavorless food, but it can be helpful spending some time prepping your meals for the week. Not only does this guarantee you’ll have healthy food ready to go during the week, it also can save you money by not having to eat out. If you’re interested in both a time and money saver, you should consider a Sunday meal prep.

#2 Snacks

Snacking is one of the most common ways people can ruin their diets and take in extra calories. It’s also extremely convenient and fun to snack while working. A nice compromise between health and convenience is to prep healthy snacks. Fruits, raw vegetables, nuts, and other natural foods are great for snacking and far healthier than chips, candies, or pastries. If your sweet tooth still needs satisfying, you can find a nice balance between semi-sweet oatmeal cookies with raisins or fruits. Healthy snacking will not only help you avoid sugars and fats, but healthy snacks tend to keep you full longer so you’ll snack less.

#3 Eating Out

Whether you’re eating out for convenience or simply to treat yourself after a hard day at work, you can still enjoy going out and eating high nutrition meals. Checking over menu items or knowing that the establishment offers healthier food options is one of the best things you can do. Salads are usually the go-to item for healthy eaters, but most are drenched in dressing or oils anyways. Try ordering dressing on the side to really improve the meal. Often times, if you’re socializing with friends, a plate of French fries or wings is hard to pass up. Splitting your meals with others is a great way to socialize and cut calories.

#4 Meal Delivery Services

You don’t need to be a chef to enjoy healthy home cooked meals. The newest trend of meal delivery services offers a variety of healthy, convenient, and highly affordable meal options. These services usually offer monthly subscriptions in return for 3 square meals each day and often additional snacks. Meals come delivered to you in convenient boxes and are completely ready to heat and eat. Most delivery services have very unique menus with great flavor combinations.



#5 Personal Chef

Similar to meal delivery services, a personal chef takes the hassle out of preparing food. A personal chef will usually have a set menu they prepare, but many will customize their food items to your desired requirements. This means you can have both full-flavored dishes that are healthy and convenient for you to eat at home or bring to the office. Many would think that a personal chef is out of their price range, but when you consider the fact that you’re no longer shopping for food, cooking, and cleaning it can be well worth the cost.

Whether you’re looking to drastically change your lifestyle or simply add a slightly healthier meal to your day, using these 5 simple tips will help fit cleaner foods into your already busy schedule.

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Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 9.50.18 AMMia Morales is a loving wife and mother of twins from Colorado. She is a self-described “DIY addict”, and loves to think of different ways to stay healthy and fit. Mia is really passionate about heath, nutrition, and what she puts in her body. When she’s not writing, you can find her with a glass of mint lemon water and a child on each hip. Who says moms aren’t superheroes?


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