Trek Bikes and Rayovac batteries join forces to target Moms and their children.


I’m confused. Trek bikes has teamed up with Rayovac batteries to target Moms with their latest promotion “Go by Bike.” On the Trekwomen Facebook page, Moms can enter a contest to win a “mother and child” bike. Not much to do other than give a few bits of information. You don’t have to say why you and your child deserve a bike. You don’t have to take any kind of challenge. And I find it strange that there’s no information why biking is good for you and your child. And you have to really look to see that May is “Go-By-Bike” month.

And bikes and batteries? Is the bike battery operated? What do they have to do with each other? I guess one could surmise that it takes energy to ride a bike and batteries are all about energy to power things. But it’s a strange pairing.

Clearly it is a campaign singularly focused on increasing Facebook likes and creating an email list.

So I think this campaign missed a few opportunities.

• First it’s cold and impersonal. No mother and child warmth at all. Just a photo of two bikes. And if you scroll down some pics of batteries. No emotion at all.

• There’s no content. Moms love content. Trek could have talked about the benefits of biking even a few minutes a day or simple tips for taking care of a bike.

• Engagement and user content generation is missing. Moms would have gladly given their thoughts on bikes as part of the contest entry.

• No cross promotion of following them on Twitter and links to their website are buried. In fact, the promotion is nowhere to be found on the website. Another missed opportunity to drive the audience to the Facebook page.

• Links on the website to follow Trekwomen on Facebook and Twitter are buried in the footer nav. And while Trek has a website for women, the Twitter handle is unisex.

Any way, I entered the contest to see how it worked and to hopefully find more content. Maybe I will win? My daughter has been wanting a bike.

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